Traditional Garlic Sauce (Toum)

This recipe is vegan and very easy to make with only a few ingredients! I will share my tips and tricks to make creamy and fluffy garlic sauce without using eggs or Mayonnaise!


Corn strach water lemon juice garlic salt oil

Whisk the corn starch and 1 cup of cold water in a small pot over medium heat. Keep stirring until it thickens. Turn off the heat and allow it to cool down completely in the fridge.

Steps 1

Add the garlic, salt, cold corn starch mixture (slurry), iced water, and lemon juice. Blend until combined.

Steps 2

While the food processor is running, very slowly drizzle the oil from the top opening of the food processor. Blend until the texture becomes whipped, fluffy, and thick.

Steps 3

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